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Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication and Process Equipment

Ability Fabricators Inc.
Booth 2353
Ability Fabricators Incorporated is one of Canada’s largest standard and custom stainless-steel manufacturers. Operating out of a fully equipped manufacturing facility, they focus their attention on unparalleled quality and service. With over 150 years of combined manufacturing experience, the Ability Advantage lies in providing solutions from engineering to installation. The company fabricates to industry standards which include TSSA, CWB, CSA, GMP and NEMA4.


Atlantic Coast Crushers
Booth 1162
The Flow-Smasher Crusher is a heavy-duty, high-torque, high-capacity crushing machine designed to reduce large chunks of friable materials to a consistent, free-flowing size – preventing line blockages and making downstream operations more efficient. The Flow-Smasher is available in most materials of construction and with numerous design options, including polished, sanitary designs, and in standard sizes from 8” X 8” to 48” X 48”. Contact ACC for additional information

Achieve More

B&P Littleford
Booth 1300
B&P Littleford manufactures equipment and provides processing technologies in the areas of mixing, drying, reacting, sterilizing, extracting, and separation. Their custom technologies are provided to a wide array of industries such as powders, plastics, food, chemical, mineral, pharmaceutical, and more. The company offers rental equipment, as well as full-service testing and pilot production at their Michigan-based testing center.

The Go-To Company for All Your Mixing Needs

B&P Littleford
Booth 1300
B&P Littleford offers its line of mixing systems to an array of markets and industries. The B&P Littleford Plow Mixer provides medium-to-high intensity mixing action, excellent heat transfer for drying, and its cylindrical body lends itself to pressurized reactions and serializing applications. Units can be tailored to each application and manufactured to all industrial and sanitary standards. Design allows for multiple processes in a single vessel and is provided in sizes from 5 to 30,000 liters. Rental equipment is available, along with testing services at the Saginaw, Michigan facility.

Dual Motor Screeners Offer Smooth Linear Operation

Best Process Solutions, Inc.
Booth 3117
The Concept Screener Line (CSL) units from Best Process Solutions, Inc. (BPS) are powered by twin rotating motor vibrators designed to give a linear and straight line type conveyance action. The unit propels the product forward with a positive conveyance action designed to offer better stratification than typical sloped gravity or orbital type screeners.

Size Reduction and Air Classification Equipment

Booth 1331
Bauermeister-USA is a world leading manufacturer of size reduction and air classification equipment for the dry bulk solids industry, specializing in food and chemical applications. Their reliable and ATEX/NFPA compliant machines are the highest standard by which others are measured. Universal Mills, Gap Mills, Roll Crushers, Air Classifiers, and UCOM.

Simplify Solids Management

Booth 2521
Operations that struggle with the challenges of inventory management and timely replenishment of all types of powders and bulk solids can monitor silo levels on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop with complete solutions from BinMaster. A complete suite of continuous level sensors, point level indicators, material management, and inventory monitoring devices and software simplifies solids management while keeping people safe from the risks of climbing silos.

Optimum Throughput, Efficiency and Sorting Performance

BM&M Screening Solutions Ltd.
Booth 1336
The Super-Deck Screen is BM&M’s high-capacity, high-speed horizontal gyratory screening solution. It is dynamically balanced to allow for greater rotational speeds (300 RPM) and larger strokes than conventional sifters and screeners that use reciprocating (back-and-forth) motion.

Tested and Certified Rotary Valves

Boss Products
Booth 2117
The EcoMAXX/VDL EM-RVEX line of NFPA 69 compliant ATEX explosion tested and certified rotary valves provide effective explosion isolation for industrial filtration, pneumatic conveying and bulk handling process.  Standard, medium and heavy-duty designs with multiple rotor tip options available. For pricing and availability contact Boss Products.

Custom Designed Conveyor

Booth 2005
Bühler AeroDry single-pass and multi-stage custom designed conveyor dryers enable the efficient drying of super absorbent polymers (SAP), elastomers, polyacrylonitrile (PAN), fluoropolymers and other industrial products. Precise control of airflow and temperature provide the flexibility and stability necessary to ensure the highest levels of productivity, product quality, and energy efficiency. Sanitary design increases uptime with improved access and cleanability. Visit the Buhler website at for more information.

Top-of-the-Line Magnetic Equipment

Booth 1531
Since 1959, Bunting has been a world leader in producing top-of-the-line magnetic equipment for magnetic separation, metal detection, and more for customers in the powder and bulk industry. Our cutting-edge products allow for advanced levels of separation and detection that result in higher product quality, higher product purity, and higher profits. Come visit us at Booth 1531 to learn more about the products we offer.

Cutting Edge Magnetic Equipment

Bunting Magnetics
Booth 1531
Since 1959, Bunting has been a world leader in producing top-of-the-line magnetic equipment for magnetic separation, metal detection, and more for customers in the powder and bulk industry. Removing all metal contaminants from your products ensures you provide your customers with the highest quality, highest purity goods. The company’s cutting-edge products allow for advanced levels of separation and detection that result in higher product quality, higher product purity, and higher profits.

Customized Processing Equipment

Carrier Process Equipment Group
Booth 1538
Carrier Process Equipment Group (CPEG) combines the experience of market leader companies to solve their customer’s processing issues. CPEG is made up of Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Heyl Patterson Thermal Processing, S. Howes, and Sly. CPEG can custom engineer and build processing equipment from dryers to mixers to baghouses to conveyors to screeners to scrubbers to size reduction and more.

Commander Hammermill

Carter Day Int.
Booth 1500
The Commander hammermill uses a single-radius, high-impact, cutting-plate with staggered slotted rows on either side of the feed inlet for dual rotational milling. These cutting plates offer significant size reduction prior to product contacting the screen, making size reduction more effective. The hammer-to-screen clearance is approximately 1/8 in., which produces minimal screen buildup and increases product-flow through the screen. The staggered head-plate offers full hammer-to-screen coverage, coupled with hammer tip speed of approximately 22,000 ft/min and the cutting plate system, makes for optimum grinding performance.

IBC Filling Systems

Chantland MHS
Booth 1447
Chantland MHS’ IBC filling systems are engineered for long life and reliability under the most severe operating conditions filling bulk bags, tote boxes and drums with dry free-flowing materials. Their units are available as Gross Weigh systems with production rates up to 30 bags per hour or Net Weigh systems with production rates exceeding 45 bags per hour. Each system is completely assembled and tested in their facility before shipment as part of the firm purchase price. Chantland’s customers are assured of quick installation and start-up at their facilities.

Vibratory Products and Services

The Cleveland Vibrator Company
Booth 1038
Since 1923 Cleveland Vibrator Company has been designing, manufacturing and supplying vibratory products andoffering services to meet material handling needs. Our diverse product and knowledge sets range from the precise challenges of fine powder screening to the most rugged feeder, screener and conveyor applications. In addition to our breadth of capabilities,we differentiate ourselves with a unique focus on quality, integrity and customer service that has made us a partner with more than 15,000 organizations around the world throughout our long history.

Automatic Packaging Systems for Bulk Products

Concetti North America
Booth 3413 
Concetti, an Italian manufacturer of automatic packaging systems for bulk products, has been present on the US market since the 1990s and has installed more than seventy high quality systems for weighing, packaging and palletizing bulk products in bags, big-bags and boxed bags, throughout the United States. To be even closer to its customers, in 2012 a subsidiary, Concetti North America Corp, was established in Hoschton, Georgia, specialized in marketing, technical assistance and spare parts supply.

K3 Vibratory Feeder – Gentle Gravimetric Feeder Ideal for Handling Fragile Materials

Coperion K-Tron
Booth 1315
The new K3 line of vibratory feeders will have all new design features including improved high accuracy and innovative patent-pending drive technology. The new K3 vibratory feeders feature a modular design, including several quick-change tray options for faster product changeover. K3 vibratory feeders will be available in a standard design and a hygienic easy clean design.
When uniform discharge is critical, especially at low rates, vibratory feeders are ideal for gentle handling of bulk solid materials.

Where’s TED? Have you seen him?

Coperion K-Tron
Booth 1315 
The Coperion Traveling Equipment Display (TED) has been traveling the US bringing the latest solutions for feeding, pneumatic conveying, complete systems and components right to the customer’s doorstep. Come explore TED at the Powder Show! He will be looking sharp with his new look, so you might not recognize him. Other highlights displayed will be the new Coperion K-Tron K3 Vibratory Feeder with many technological advancements and new KCM-III Feeder Controller.

Unique Size Reduction Solutions

CPM Roskamp Champion
Booth 1022
Roskamp Champion Roll Crushers can handle your unique particle size reduction requirements. High- and low-capacity models offer various feeder options, roll speeds, and corrugations. A wide array of customizable features ensures your machine keeps pace while delivering unmatched precision for every job. Roskamp Champion Roll Crushers are known for their extraordinary efficiency and?ease of operation. They are backed by the best support in the industry and?provide the lowest-cost operating solution for our customers.

Complete Line of Storage Solutions

CST Industries
Booth 3019
CST fabricates, manufactures, installs and services a complete line of storage solutions . CST’s TecTank® storage systems are available in a flat-panel, jack-built design, a chime panel scaffold built design, and a factory welded design. CST is the only tank manufacturer in the world to offer a complete line of application-based storage solutions to fit customer's needs. CST has over 350,000 installations in over 125 countries world-wide.

Bulk Packaging Equipment

Custom Equipment Design, Inc.
Booth 2053
Celebrating 40 years in 2020. Custom Equipment Design continues to set the standard for the most reliable and accurate packaging systems for food, dairy, chemical, petrochemical, agriculture and mining industries. NTEP Certified Scales, UL Listed Controls, FIBC/IBC Loaders and Unloaders, Pallet Dispensers, Slip Sheet Dispensers, Conveyors, Full System Integration and more. CED is THE ORIGINAL Bulk Packaging Equipment Manufacturer in the U.S.

SDX® Spray Dry Nozzles

Delavan Limited
Booth 2527
Delavan‘s history in spray drying dates back to the 1950s when they invented and patented the single inlet Swirl Chamber and started providing the most user friendly spray drying nozzles through the SDX family of nozzles. These nozzles offer versatility and excel even in the most challenging drying operations in the world. Come and see one of Delavan’s spray drying experts to learn more about the SDX nozzles and how your application could benefit from utilizing our technology.

Volumetric Screw Feeder

Eagle Microsystems, Inc.
Booth 2443
The Eagle Microsystems VF-100 Low Volume Dry Material Feeder is constructed of 304 stainless-steel and utilizes a rugged direct drive to ensure optimum performance and durability in harsh industrial environments. The VF-100 can be optimized for any low to mid volume dry-feed application with a wide array of options and accessories to meet any process need. With no external gears, pulleys, chains, belts, or lubrications required; the VF-100 is user-friendly and low maintenance. The VF-100 is available with fully customizable control options for accurate feed rate control and measuring.

Gravimetric Weigh Feeder

Eastern Instruments
Booth 2327
The CentriFeeder-MCV is a gravimetric device that controls the flow measurement and total of any dry granular product. It works by integrating the flow measurement accuracy of a mass-flow meter with the flow controlling capabilities of an Integrated Slide Gate. Combined into a multifunctioning weigh feeder, the MCV both measures the flow rate and total of your product, but also controls the flow rate and total to your predetermined setpoint.

Mix and Granulate in One Mixer

Eirich Machines/American Process Systems
Booth 1839
The design of EIRICH intensive mixers allows for mixing and granulating (and coating) in one single unit. This means significant savings on time, energy and costs. The mixers range from 1 to 5,000 liters, no processing job is too small or too big. EIRICH has been in business since 1863, and our worldwide test labs develop new and more efficient material processing technology and solutions according to customers’ requirements.

New Valve for Dust-Collector Systems

Emerson ASCO
Booth 2620
Emerson is introducing its newly redesigned ASCO Series 353 Pulse Valve, designed to deliver higher peak pressure for longer bag and filter lifespan and reduced maintenance in reverse-jet dust collector systems. The new valve improves cleaning while cutting compressed air use and installation time and helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users achieve a more effective, efficient and convenient bag cleaning every time.

The Leader in Separation and Vibratory Technologies

Booth 1717
Eriez, the world leader in magnetic separation technology, offers the widest selection of permanent and electromagnetic equipment to remove ferrous contaminants from any process application. From purifying silica with a high-gradient Rare Earth Roll producing 25,000 surface gauss to removing steel fragments in a grain chute a with a low-cost ProGrade grate magnet, Eriez has a solution for every process.

Loading Powder into a Bulk Truck

FloAero Inc.
Booth 1616
Load dry bulk solid materials simply, reliably, and quickly. The Floveyor aeromechanical conveyor is compact, versatile, and efficient. Discover the Process; Discern the Difference. Use gravity flow for the manufacturing process advantage by loading a given quantity of material into an elevated surge quickly that keeps production operating for a given period of time. Let FloAero Inc raise your bulk materials.

Wide Range of Versatile Crushers

Franklin Miller
Booth 2244
Delumper® crushers break solids, lumps and agglomerates down to a desired size with a once-through, non-churning crushing action that produces minimal fines. These units can reduce plant downtime, increase processing speed and improve product consistency. Machines are precision manufactured and aligned for smooth operation with low vibration or noise. They can handle a wide range of materials including chemicals, fertilizer, limestone, coal, fly ash, potash, phosphates, agglomerated powders, filter cake, salts and much more.

Feedos® S Bulk Material Feeder

Gericke USA, Inc.
Booth 2432
The new Feedos® S line of bulk material feeding systems to be unveiled at the show was developed to deliver highly accurate dosing in a hygienic, compact design. Feedos S feeders feature a proprietary rectangular helix design that promotes constant product flow from the hopper to the feeding tool for uniform dispensing to mixing and other secondary processes.It also ensures complete discharge with minimal residue and disassembles in seconds without reaching into the chamber for safe, fast, easy cleaning. Ideal for?free-flowing and flow-resistant materials at high feed rates.

Mixers and Vacuum Dryers

Booth 2532
GEMCO® will be showing its Slant Cone mixer that can achieve the lowest standard deviations of any mixer in minutes, powder handling systems like the Gemcomatic that can load a drum a minute and Rotary Tumble Vacuum Dryers with AI intelligent control software. Process and mechanical experts will be on hand to offer solutions to mixing and drying problems.

Are You Compliant?

Booth 2516
HafcoVac announces their new ATEX-certified, NRTL-approved stainless vacuums. They are OSHA and NFPA-compliant and collect and control regular and combustible materials including wood, paper, grain, metal, powder and more. These intrinsically safe pneumatic vacuums make housekeeping simple with 6x the suction of an electric vacuum. They are quiet with the 77dB S’HUSH Silencer and add safety by keeping the hoses and tools securely stored.

Industrial Vibrators and Related Equipment

Houston Vibrator
Booth 2426
Houston Vibrator provides reliable industrial vibrators and related equipment for the fluidization of bulk materials and small parts in storage bins, conveyors, feeders, railcar unloading, packaging, compaction, and more. Houston Vibrator’s industrial vibrator product line includes pneumatic and electric vibrators, custom vibrating tables, and railcar unloading equipment.

Versatile Milling Systems

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems
Booth 1623
The Mikro ACM® Air Classifying Mill is an air swept mechanical impact mill designed to grind a wide range of materials down to D97 < 20 µm. The Mikro ACM® was invented in 1962 and is considered one of the most versatile milling systems for fine size reduction in the world.? Its durability, reliability, and precision are what make it one of the most popular industrial workhorses on the market.

Explosion Protection Solutions

IEP Technologies
Booth 2941
IEP Technologies™ is the worldwide leading provider of explosion protection solutions which detect, suppress, isolate and vent potential combustible dust or vapor explosions within process industries.

Welded Silos and Tanks

Imperial Industries
Booth 1033
Visit Imperial Industries, North America’s leader in welded silos and tanks for all applications. Imperial has the fiscal strength of being in business for over 38 years under the same stable ownership and management, with constant business expansion in product lines, facilities and experienced workforce. Imperial is dedicated to being the industry leader, and will be around in the future to ensure our customer’s success. Now offering field and installation services as “Industrial Tank Services LLC.”

4JIT 52 Grade Rare NEO Pneumatic Line Bullet® Magnet from IMI

Industrial Magnetics, Inc.
Booth 1117
Industrial Magnetics, Inc. has introduced a line extension of its popular Rare Earth pneumatic line Bullet® Magnet called the 4JIT Bullet®. This design offers more portability and features a 100% stainless Food Grade two-part body which is fastened together during operation with a tri-clover clamp. The 4JIT Bullet® features a 52 MgOe Rare Earth magnetic circuit, is designed to operate leak-free at up to 130 psi and is capable of operation in explosive environments.

Opti™ Series Magnetic Tube Offerings

Industrial Magnetics, Inc.
Booth 1117
Industrial Magnetics, Inc. (IMI) has added two, rare-earth magnetic circuit selections to their Opti™ Series of magnetic tubes. The Opti-L and Opti-T circuits have been specifically designed to meet the changing needs and requirements facing processing facilities regarding various compliance and regulatory initiatives. There are now six, rare-earth circuit configurations in the Opti Series family. These are available on IMI products including magnetic Grates, Grate Tubes, Drawer-in-Housings, Pneumatic Line Housing, Ox®, Bullet® Magnet, and Large Tube Housing.

Opti™ Series Magnetic Tube Expanded Offerings

Industrial Magnetics, Inc.
Booth 1117
Industrial Magnetics, Inc. (IMI) Opti™ Series magnetic circuits address new standards for magnet separators set forth in schemas such as FSMA, HACCP, GFSI, BRC, FSSC, and SQF. Each circuit is designed to optimize values that have been identified and earmarked as critical measurements for the specification, purchase, audit, verification and validation requirements for magnetic separation equipment, and meets a minimum and measurable threshold of repeatable magnet performance. There are now six, rare-earth circuit configurations in the Opti Series family.

Air Mizer Shaft Seals

Booth 1163
Eliminate product loss and contamination on industrial processing equipment with Inpro/Seal Air Mizer shaft seals. With a non-wearing design, Air Mizer seals are maintenance free and constructed to last the lifetime of your equipment. This unique technology can fully articulate to accommodate radial run-out, axial movement and angular misalignment simultaneously.

Bulk Material Engineering Innovations

Jenike & Johanson
Booth 1303
Jenike & Johanson specializes in bulk material engineering with expertise in powder and bulk solids storage, handling, conveying, and processing. Their skilled team of experts and industry-leading innovations has successfully delivered bulk material engineering solutions for over 55 years. They are the world’s leading technology company for bulk material handling, processing, and storage. They deliver solutions to achieve powder and bulk solids flow based on proven theories and decades of experience.

Series “E” Slide Gates

Lorenz Conveying Products Corp.
Booth 1909
Time is critical. Lorenz Slide Gates have a standard delivery time of 2 weeks. Install in pressure, vacuum or gravity applications conveying anything from powders to larger dry bulk products. Temperature rated for up to 82º C (180º F). Customize any Lorenz product to meet your special application.

Premier Manufacturer of Custom Material Handling Equipment

Material Transfer
Booth 3317
Material Transfer is an industry leader in the custom design and manufacture of material handling equipment and systems for dry powders and bulk solids. A unique combination of application focused engineering, award winning designs and exclusive features results in equipment that offers class leading quality, value, durability, ease of use, and performance. Over 95% of the equipment Material Transfer manufactures is custom designed for the customer’s particular application requirements.

Mechanical Shaft Seals

MECO Seals
Booth 2537
MECO is a manufacturer of full-contact, soft-face mechanical shaft seals that are application specific designs based on your processing needs, with fully split, un-split and air free options available. MECO supports your process, step-by-step, throughout your MECO Seal partnership. Their engineering and sales staff will work with you to gather application data and design the most efficient seal for your process. Let MECO work with you to make your processing more efficient.

Material Handling and Processing Equipment

METO Systems
Booth 3127
METO Systems designs and manufactures state-of-the-art stainless-steel material handling and processing equipment for a wide range of industrial processing and manufacturing applications including platform lifts, drum inverters, bulk-bag lifts, drum conditioners and more complex systems. Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing single piece of equipment, or are developing a new manufacturing process, our engineering staff can provide expert insight and guidance on product and system selection.

Industry’s First Choice for Pneumatic Conveying Components

Morris Coupling
Booth 1546
Proven quality, superior service, and an unending commitment to total customer satisfaction has firmly established Morris Coupling as the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of components for pneumatic conveying systems. Products include pipe and tube bends, straight pipe and tubing, glass tube bends and straights, quick-on and gripper couplings, welded fabrications, flexible hose, installation components, extended wear bends, cam and groove couplings, and the original Morris compression coupling.

Instant NIR Online Moisture Sensors

MoistTech Corp.
Booth 2533
Non-contact moisture measurement is essential for achieving an outstanding final product. Measuring moisture prior to crushing can control particle size and provide dust suppression. During the drying stage, in-process measurements ensure optimization and elimination of over drying, which can lead to product that is out of specification, degradation and an excess of dust. MoistTech Corp provides a non-contact, non-drift option with state of the art NIR technology.

Engineered-to-Application Project Delivery

National Bulk Equipment
Booth 1207
National Bulk Equipment bulk material processing projects are engineered on an application-specific basis to ensure optimal process availability, rate performance, and product output quality. From pre-engineering through risk assessment, automation, and integration, NBE bulk material processing projects combine market-dominant standards in build specifications and performance requirements to improve overall equipment effectiveness in bulk material processing.

New Technologies for Dry Grinding and Particle Classification

NETZSCH Premier Technologies
Booth 1507
NETZSCH will feature their newest technologies for dry grinding and particle classification at the upcoming PBS show. One of their Jet Mills and their newest dry ball mill technology will be on display. Stop by their booth see these technologies and more, and learn how NETZSCH can assist you with your next processing application.

Pneumatic Conveying Systems & Equipment

Nol-Tec Systems, Inc.
Booth 1439
Nol-Tec is a global provider of practical, innovative pneumatic conveying systems that allow their clients to produce products efficiently, sustainably, and profitably. Nol-Tec will be exhibiting two dense phase technologies, their Air Assist™ technology that reduces system wear, maintenance costs, material degradation, and overall air usage; as well as their blending technology that combines speed, cleanliness, and minimized degradation to homogenously mix your materials without breakage. Put simply – Nol-Tec keeps your business moving.

BHA® Wicked High-Temp Filters

Parker Hannifin
Booth 1634
Parker Hannifin launches BHA® Wicked High-Temp Filters. Using advanced research capabilities and the latest equipment, engineers develop innovative new medias, fabrics, and solutions to meet your unique needs. Now plants operating continuously at extreme temperatures of up to 500°F (260°C) have a choice. Pleated filters benefits: ease of installation/removal, reduced air-to-cloth ratio, lower energy expense and operating differential pressure, less bottom bag abrasion, and in some cases longer filter life.

Ceram-back® Elbow

Progressive Products, Inc.
Booth 2331
Reduce maintenance downtime while increasing the life of your line components with the Ceram-back® elbow by Progressive Products, Inc. The Ceram-back® elbow lasts 8 – 10* longer than a standard bare elbow. Highly abrasive applications? The Flat Back elbow features ½” cast alumina tile encased in metal over the back of the elbow. Progressive Products has several other abrasion resistant solutions – let us find your solution! *In most applications.

Stainless-Steel Rope Sensor

Rechner Electronics Ind., Inc.
Booth 2523
The Rechner Stainless-Steel Rope Sensor will give you an exact 4-20mA level reading up to 20 meters of height. For stability the stainless-steel rope base is anchored to the silo floor and the sensor head is mounted securely at the top of the silo. Pressure rating up to 10 Bar with a full silo. Temperature rated for -25C to +70C or -13F/+158F.

Safe Indoor Venting for Management of Combustible Dust Explosion Risks, Including Metal Dusts

Booth 1121
REMBE is a leader in the innovation/manufacture of high-quality, combustible dust explosion protection systems. Check out the newest member of the REMBE flameless venting family: Q-Ball flameless system for elevators. The REMBE Q-Rohr flameless venting system is now approved for use with dusts, gases, hybrid mixtures and metal dusts and is the perfect solution for applications found in pharmaceutical, coatings, steel, iron and other industries.

Custom Built Industrial Mixers

Scott Equipment Company
Booth 1127
Durably constructed in mild or stainless steel, Scott mixers insure accurate mixing of all types of products from fine powdered materials to coarse ground ingredients. All Scott industrial mixers are custom built to efficiently and cost-effectively meet each application requirement.

Spillage free Pendulum Bucket Elevator

Booth 1236
The patented Simatek Drum Feeder fills the buckets separately without spillage. There is no bucket overlap and therefore no mechanical friction. This means enhanced availability, less wear on spare parts and lower service costs. The Simatek Drum Feeder makes it possible to convey with low chain speed in combination with a high filling degree - thus increased capacity.

Air Knocker Loosens Sticky Material

Solimar Pneumatics
Booth 2233
Keep materials moving even when they cling to vessel walls with the Air Knocker from Solimar Pneumatics. Pneumatic Hammering Technology loosens the material by the impact of a Knocker piston. Add additional Knockers depending on size and shape of the silo, hopper or piping. Contact Solimar for FREE engineering assistance to choose the model, type of impact and number of Knockers for applications.

Batching Systems Featured

Sterling Systems & Controls
Booth 1239
Sterling Systems & Controls at the Powder Bulk Solids show booth 1239 will be featuring its automatic Micro Ingredient Batching System and semi-automatic Hand Prompt Batching Station. Other company capabilities include custom engineering and manufacturing of bulk bag filling, bulk bag unloading, bag dump, process equipment controls, and complete plantwide automation for Feedmills and bakery and food processing facilities. Come visit us at booth 1239!

Gyratory Sifters –More Than Just Round

Booth 1107
SWECO® offers another separation solution to further optimize your facilities' production – the ATLAS Gyratory Sifter line will provide the solution your process requires. These sifters offer high capacity and high performance with unique uniform gyratory motion that provides equal efficiency and deblinding effectiveness across the entire screen area. Known for durability, reliability and accuracy of separation, the sifters are used globally to handle numerous screening applications.

Storage Silo Solutions

Tarsco Bolted Tank
Booth 2420
Tarsco Bolted Tank is a single-source designer, manufacturer, and erector of dry bulk silos. As an industry leader in design build services for dry bulk material handling and storage systems, Tarsco Bolted Tank's team of experts can provide storage silo solutions that are custom engineered to your exact project requirements.

Leading the Weigh

Booth 1927
Specializing in tailored solutions to meet your dry material feeding and weighing needs; Tecweigh designs, manufactures, and services feeders and in-motions weighing systems. From french fries to frac sand you can count on Tecweigh to provide the most durable, accurate, and reliable equipment to meet your dry material handling needs. Need to weigh it? You’ve come to the right place.

Hassle-Free Dust Collectors

U.S. Air Filtration, Inc.
Booth 2920
Visit U.S. Air Filtration, Inc.’s booth to learn about low maintenance features of US Air Filtration baghouses, cartridge collectors and bin vents. US Air Filtration has been engineering, manufacturing and installing pulse jet dust collection systems for all bulk powder applications since 1987. They offer fast ship options, custom, turnkey systems and competitive lead times. Their systems meet or exceed EPA & air quality regulations.

First-Rate Cleanability with KleanTrak Sanitary Conveyor

Booth 1821
KleanTrak is the latest addition to UniTrak’s lineup of premium conveyors trusted by manufacturers for 50 years. Specifically engineered to meet rigorous hygienic requirements, KleanTrak’s innovative sanitary design drastically increases cleanability while reducing the risk of contamination. Its robust features include stainless-steel construction, a cleated belt made from FDA-approved materials and an open-tubular frame design for fast cleaning.

Pneumatic Conveying MAXimized

Booth 1219
VAC-U-MAX ColumnLiftTM Vacuum Receiver System increases productivity and reduces manual ingredient handling by providing better ergonomics with reduced lifting, stair climbing, and dumping. System utilizes minimal floor space with an 18" diameter base plate. Ingredient supplies and heavy containers remain at ground level instead of working at an elevation, maximizing regulatory compliance including FSMA (sanitation) and OSHA (walking/working surfaces). System works with all types of bulk powder containers, paper bags, drums, IBC's, bulk bags, silos or day bins.

Wye Line Diverter for Powder, Pellets or Granules

Vortex Valves
Booth 1607
The Vortex Quantum Series Wye Line Diverter is designed to direct powder, pellets, or granules from one source to multiple destinations, or converge from varied sources to one destination. The diverter is capable of shifting directions “on the fly” while the system’s blower or vacuum pump continues to operate and maintains a positive seal when the ports are closed. The light-weight valve can be installed horizontal or vertical.

Improve Production with the Original Orifice Gate

Booth 1607
Unlike common knife gates and butterfly valves, the orifice gate is specifically engineered to handle dry bulk powders, pellets, and granules. Its narrow profile and lightweight construction allows for easy installation of the valve either horizontal or vertical. Vortex's orifice gate features a full-flange, weather-resistant design with better sealing performance, higher durability, easier maintenance, and fewer replacement parts than traditional knife gates or butterfly valves. The Vortex orifice gate’s blade and seal design allows the valve to “self-clean” on the opening stroke, preventing material from packing on the internal seals. It includes hard-polymer seals that compensate for wear over time.

The Leader of the Pack

Booth 1347
Maybe you know WAM for their screw conveyors.  Maybe you know them for their dust collectors. Maybe you know them for their mixers.  Or you heard that they are Italians.  But did you know that WAMGROUP manufacturers 200 different products for the bulk solids industry, have 115 international patents, 20 manufacturing facilities and have the largest available knowledge in the powder and bulk handling in the world?

Air Pollution Control Experts

Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control
Booth 2710
Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control (WAPC), established in 1983, pioneered the air pollution control industry. Their legacy technology has been installed in over 4,500 applications. They continue to offer a complete portfolio of APC equipment including Particulate Control (fabric filters, wet and dry electrostatic precipitators, & Cartridge dust collectors), Acid Gas Control (wet flue gas desulfurization (WFGD), dry sorbent injection (DSI), spray dry absorber (SDA) and circulating fluidized bed (CFB) scrubber) and SCR.

Keep Product Clean

Yamato Corporation
Booth 2610
The Yamato FNL-308CC high-speed packer scale offers safe, stable, and clean loading of powder and bulk solids. A newly developed optimal feed control offers shorter operation times. Featuring a separate product weighing zone, debris from loading and discharge components will not contaminate the product, ensuring it remains clean.